From April 15, 2025 until April 17, 2025
クラスノゴルスク - クロッカス エクスポ国際展示センター、モスクワ州、ロシア

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Best solutions for contact manufacturing for your business.

More than 18 000 visitors attended the show in 4 days.

Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center is one of the largest and most modern exhibition venues in the world providing the full range of services for exhibition and congress events.

The high status of the complex is confirmed by a large number of Russian and foreign partners.

Facilities of Crocus Expo allow to hold events of any scope and purpose.

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クラスノゴルスク - クロッカス エクスポ国際展示センター、モスクワ州、ロシア クラスノゴルスク - クロッカス エクスポ国際展示センター、モスクワ州、ロシア


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