ナショナル アウトドア エキスポ バーミンガム 2024

National OutdoorExpoバーミンガム
From March 16, 2024 until March 17, 2024 - (Check Flight)
バーミンガム - NEC、イングランド、英国

ナショナル アウトドア エキスポ - 23 年 24 月 2024 ~ XNUMX 日、バーミンガム

Explore the Outdoors Proudly sponsored By Raccoon Media Group has been shortlisted for the AEO Excellence Awards 2020. Suzanne Shaw will tackle a 4 day ultra-challenge to raise mental health awareness. North Downs Art Trail 10km Walk, Kent.


The biggest meet-up of the year brings together the best gear, the latest technologies, and inspirational speakers under one roof.

Latest tech, events and performance workshops, as well as a place to recharge.

Sponsored by Arla Great North Swimming and 13 Valleys Ultra.

There will be a diverse group of athletes, industry experts and other professionals ready to discuss all topics related to performance, nutrition and much more.



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バーミンガム - NEC、イングランド、英国 バーミンガム - NEC、イングランド、英国


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